Shadow Adventure DX

Update Schedule

Shadow Adventure DX usually updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The Story

As most Sonic fans know, at the end of SA2:B (WARNING SONIC ADVENTURE 2: BATTLE SPOILERS AHEAD!!) Shadow and Sonic stop the space colony "Ark" from crashing into Earth using Chaos Control (while in thier super forms) but then Shadow turns back to normal (shoulda carried more rings with him..) and crashes down to earth, dying..


The next day, Shadow awakens on an uncharted island full of people from multiple shipwrecks. They have no boat, so they're stranded there. Shadow decides to live the leisure life on the peaceful island. Although he continues to train and hone his Chaos powers, just in case the need to protect his new home arises.

The Characters


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I thought you were gonna make a reality-show type of comic. Why did you make this?

A: I couldn't find sprites of matching styles from all different games. So I decided not to do that comic (plus, I got a good story idea for this one)

Q: Why Shadow? He's just a stupid Emo. And he's a Sonic Recolor!

A: I don't see why so many people hate Shadow. And he's not an exact recolor, he's a slightly different size, his shoes have rockets, his quills curve up a bit, he has fur on his chest, and he has red stripes.

Q: Will Let's Brawl still update? What about the Kirby Comix you had planned?

A: Yes, they will both update With this schedule:

Mon: Let's Brawl
Tue: Shadow Adventure DX
Wed: Let's Brawl
Thu: Shadow Adventure DX
Fri: Let's Brawl

When Let's Brawl is over, and Kirby Comix premieres, it will take Let's Brawl's place on the list.

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